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COVID-19 marked the beginning of an era of unknown challenges and unexpected risks. The interruption of business is nothing new, but the wide ramifications of this pandemic through the global economy is unprecedented. 

The current economic, social and market conditions suggest that the time for transformative change has arrived, and what better than digital and technological leaders to help drive this change.

In the midst of uncertain times, companies more than ever need their technological leaders to be resilient, agile and focused on the future.  Business and technological leaders both agree that their organisations need dynamic and exchange-oriented technological leaders (kinetic leaders) - to help them visualise the future driven by technology, lead complex transformations and be the main architect of innovation and change for the business.


During this time of volatility and uncertainty, technological leaders have the opportunity to:

  • Guide their organisations through dramatic change

  • Perfect strategies to manage the current crisis and the upcoming recovery

  • Prepare and lead technology-driven transformation to help their businesses prosper as they adapt to the post-pandemic new world norms

In the process, what:

  • Challenges and opportunities face these digital and technological pioneering leaders?

  • Do digitally advanced organisations expect from these leaders?

  • Should they focus on to overcome so many changes?

  • Leadership skills can help them influence the business strategy, develop the next generation of talent and integrate technology into the business structure? 

Digital & IT Leaders Europe 2021, which will feature 100+ strategy, technology, digitalinnovation, transformation, operations, data / analytics leaders across Europe from various sectors, will examine how these leaders can guide their organisations into new ways of thinking and objectives that will  accelerate change.

With an emphasis on strategic implementation, Digital & IT Leaders Europe 2021 aims to:

  • Foster the development of an ecosystem - of senior executive visionaries committed to integrating strategies and solutions to adjust to a rapidly changing business environment

  • Create a collaborative and holistic platform - for technology, strategy, innovation, digital transformation, operations and analysis decisions makers in various sectors across Europe

  • Maximise the exchange of valuable information and practical experiences - of application and implementation of new strategies, business models and technologies accelerating digital transformation, optimizing processes' efficiency, customer experience, and ultimately your bottom line

Now is the critical time to boost your knowledge to stay competitive and

keep up with the needs and requirements of increasingly demanding internal and external customers!

Attend Digital & IT Leaders Europe 2021 to:

  • Listen to provocative and interactive discussions on disruptive and practical strategies to accelerate the transformation of your business

  • Unveil innovative plans with the application of the latest technologies

  • Share experiences (successes and failures) of collaboration models with service providers

  • Attain new ideas to implement in your own business to prepare for the future

  • Experience incomparable networking


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